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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DeOlivere Originals Gift Certificates

Hi Friends

I have to do some advertising here for my partner DeOlivere and his photography business.  The Gift Certificates are brilliant and cover all the packages we have.  Check out our website for the prices of the packages and if you purchase your cert within the next three months, you save $10 on each cert.


You can give me a call at 2534584 if you wish to purchase any.

DeOlivere Originals Gift Certificates available immediately. Inbox for info. Great for Birthdays and Christmas gifts. Call 2534584 
Buy early for Xmas and get $10 off the photo shoot package price...Pkgs range from $75, $120, $150 to $250 
 Certificates valid for one year

Offline for awhile

Hello friends

Just a quick check in with you... I have been offline for a while as it has been really hectic over the past three weeks and I deeply apologize to you for not putting out any new pieces...It is not writer's block,.,,jus life blocks sometimes....

Anyway..to satisfy those of you who visit me here every day...please enjoy my other blog...it is the poetry I wrote the first three months of my journey... I certainly hope you enjoy it