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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


There are times when we think it best to question everything, and I mean everything......being a scientist you may logically assume that I subscribe to that school of thought.

Well, surprise, surprise...No I do NOT.

I have had many a turbulent ride during my half a century existence and there has been much that was unimaginable and incomprehensible, to say the least. But I know that  through the energies of my inner spirit and universal guidance my path will be charted along the best course possible.  I may journey on roads that my bare feet may become bruised and scarred.....my heart will hurt and feel torn but it is all for a reason, a good reason.

Strength of character will be built surrounded by the walls of ethical and moral fortitude.

We need to recognize that in this world we are but a speck, an atom in the complex components of the universe. Matter does not revolve around us, we merge with the elements and we are part of the whole, not its centre. We work in harmony with the other energies that make up this place we call home.

So, take sometime and stop....strip off the earthly garb and just breathe and become at home and at peace with your universe.

and for heaven's sake...............Stop Over Analyzing....