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Monday, November 28, 2011

RESPECT is earned...

Dear Parents

This is an open letter to you. Today I am particularly frustrated with a situation that has been ongoing and has come to the first stage of what I am sure is going to be an ending that will be very bitter in the mouths of many.

Why do you insist on the double standard? Your children learn from you, from your actions  and from your lives. You are the example. 

Children have an instinctive love and obligation for and to their parents. But as they grow and become more aware all the veils are lifted and your true self is revealed. 

‎#parents need to #respect their children especially when they are grown men and women.
Respect is earned.        It is not a parental right!!

I may not be the 'perfect'  parent but I have always given my children space to grow...they will make their mistakes, I will  make mine....but I can never blame THEM for the choices I have made.....how do we expect them to respect others and the world around them if we do not teach them the process.....forgive my ranting but I am frustrated with some members of the OLDER 
generation....whose membership I think should be revoked forthwith!

Children, you cannot cure others of their blind ignorance. You can only keep the light burning inside of you to guide them when they decide to open their eyes.

Annoyed Mother
Looking on from the outside


  1. I agree. One time my mother was speaking to me and she told me she'd learnt more about life from raising us than she could have ever imagined. It helped her to understand her mother more as well. Life is a cycle and we can learn from each other- from babe to elder.

    I think the problem stems from fear or ignorance really. I see people treat children as if they should think as adults, yet the wish them to remain in a glass case.

    If we look at children as people, as friends, it can help a lot.

  2. I've read this and I totally agree... as an adult who has felt a lack of respect at times from my own family, I know the feeling. Parents feel that they have a right to be respected, so they can get on how they feel like. I totally disagree with that and agree with your main point. I respect you because you have earned my respect, not just because you have a title. Remember when I told you, Cher, that I have two little boys - and although they are 7 and 4 years old, respectively, I have apologized to them for things I might have done to slight them, even at their tender ages.

    I am seeking to earn their respect, not just demand it as their dad.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to comment...I feel very strongly about this and if we treat our children with respect the payment forward will bring riches to all of us


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