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Thursday, October 30, 2014

#VIRTUALIS A Modern Day Love Story

Cher Corbin

A modern day love story that surely challenges the perception of adult relationships – two people from completely different walks of life connect.

A single mother, Rosalie was recently laid-off from her job and needed to find some source of income. Her first love, writing, quickly became a focal point for her and on the advice of her thirteen year old daughter she joined the Artista Network and entered the Poets’ Rendezvous.
With much hesitation, she posted a poem and waited. What she found in her inbox was totally unexpected.

A professor of Black American Literature had recently lost his only son in a tragic biking accident. He buried himself in his work and his research for his new book. He had been advised, by his students no less, to troll the social media, especially Artista Network and get a feel for the many poetry groups and their activities. He signed into the first poetry group he came upon – The Poets’ Rendezvous, what he found there would prove to send him off kilter for quite some time.

Virtuālis is a journey of two souls, a cry for solace and love; a conversation of the heart which is freely expressed and interestingly painted with the poetic words of two artists.

“And what would the world say when they see it?”
“What could they say but – Romeo and Juliet.”
“But you do know that they both died in the end?”

©Cher Corbin 2014  



Love...some of us think we know what it is, some of us can only guess, but the fortunate few have really experienced it.

Tis not about the shiny knight in armor on the white stallion, or the house with the porch and picket fence and 2 and one half children....

No no it is more base, more simple than that...it is about understanding, connection, communication and interdependence......

So.....come with me and maybe....you will see what Love really is....



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014



I remember
you and I
in that tight space
you opening to me
sharing your innermost

I remember
touching you
the rush of your breath
on my cheek
as you exhaled
the tightening of your fingers
on my shoulders
as you inhaled

I remember
your passion
your urgency
to remove
the woven boundaries
between us

I remember
the scent
of you
the feel of your chest
under my hand
the quickening beats

I remember
you holding me
your lips on mine
me falling deep
into you

I remember
how protected
you made me feel
how precious
like the most delicate
string of the rarest pearls

In the darkness
of this room
I lay alone
I reach for you
but all that is there
is a memory

I remember

Cher Corbin 2014



Sunday, October 26, 2014


Why do I write poetry? This question has not only been asked of me, but I also asked it of myself.

Poetry for me is a vessel, a portal by which I can express my emotions, my deepest feelings; going to a place within my psyche that few have ever reached - poetry makes me vulnerable. There is a freedom and a release of burden when one is vulnerable.

I imagine it may be similar to free-falling, or maybe not but when I write there are no rules to be followed, I have no boundaries and my mind goes wherever it chooses.

I am selfish. I write for me. I am lucky that there is an audience that wishes to read what I have written, but I am proud to say that I am selfish and will continue to be.

When I write my poetry the only thing I wish for is for anyone who reads it to get a glimpse of who I am inside, not who society says I am supposed to be.

When I write my poetry there are two foundation elements that must remain consistent... these are TRUTH and BEAUTY.

I read recently that a poet should always ensure that his works are extending from a place of truth. Not necessarily evidence based truth....although this may seem contradictory here, but just listen....If you have a desire, a wish it may not have come to fruition as yet, it may not be tangible as yet, there is no physical evidence to it, but, it is based in your true belief, your true wishes, your heartfelt desires.

My work is very emotionally driven as T.S. Eliot said "What every poet starts from is his own emotions."

To some this precipitates a roller-coaster ride of sorts. I have been accused of being demanding, crazy, bi-polar (although I blame that on my fish swimming in opposite directions - Pisces) and an incurable romantic. Well to be honest, I take pride in all of those labels because they define my uniqueness and my personality.

As I have said on numerous occasions.......

Why do I write poetry? I write because I have a voice, I write because I wish to express the beauty that I see all around me and the joy I treasure in my connection to the Universe and the spiritual energy within me. I write because I can.



Saturday, October 25, 2014

Letting Go #LettingGo

Is there anything,
anything I can do,
to take this feeling of hurt

This ache,
this physical pain
that creeps under my skin;
tears at my flesh
incapacitates my mind,
my heart.

Is there anything,
anything I can do
to take this feeling
of disappointment away?

This confusion
that disassembles my logic,
shatters my plans
and marks me down.

I need to shake this,
to reach
inside of me:
my spirit is not asleep
I will awaken.
I will rise
above this struggle.

My eyes are washed
in the tears
of years of expression,
memories of decisions,
harsh words and actions
all for the good,
for the protection
of the spawn of myself.

I have to let go.

I leave it in Your hands.

The wings of the White Fairy
will protect,
the ample breast of Our Mother
will soothe
and you my child will grow,
will thrive
because I know
you will become
the person I know you are.

Cher Corbin © 2014


Friday, October 24, 2014

#DayOne #ENDofDAY


Dear Friends

Those of you who are following my blog know full well that it can be a bit of a roller-coaster ride ,,emotionally that is...and I do have my insane moments...I am allowed at least 20 minutes every day.....But you also know that I live for love. So I have decided to share with you a collection of poetry that I wrote over a three month period (50 pieces I think) but I will do this with you over thirty days.

I realize not many people like to comment on the blogs, but I really really would love to hear from you as it relates to these words.

So here we go...Thirty Days of Musings....Enjoy!

Thursday, October 23, 2014



That which is written
in its simplicity
its purity of meaning
gripped him like a vice.

he careened head-first
into the vortex
of her elliptical mind.

all structure faded
as if gravity no longer existed.

floated aimlessly
in a blissful aura.

What purpose is there
to existence as it is?

Questioning the status quo
he embarks on a journey
searching for clarity
for self
for freedom
from that which enslaves him.

It has begun.

This revolution
his evolution
shall not be televised.

Cher Corbin 2014



I love you.
Always remember that
I love you.

Words ringing in my ears
Thundering pulses as the stinging
Flesh recedes
His hand glowing red
From the backward blow
But you know
I love you

Now knowing why he chooses
His steaks rare
Blood tastes sweet.
Sweet like the feeling he gets
When he thrusts and comes
In the night
He releases himself
To the oblivion of his pleasure

His pleasure
His battering
His laughing
His moaning
His bludgeoning
Remember Honey I love you

The taste is no longer sweet
But bitter
My pain
My anger
My helplessness
His power

Hangs like a dark veil
Of sticky clingy cob web
That creeps and covers my soul.
I drown in the waves of red fire
As my heart and my brain explode

Yesterday is the today of my tomorrow
My present is the past of your future
As life is finite
This too will end


Honey I do
Forever I won’t

Cher Corbin 2014


So today I received the call from our National Cultural Foundation  that I had received two (2) BRONZE AWARDS for my poetry : Forever I Won't  & Re-Evolution at our annual NIFCA competition in Literary Arts.

This win is bittersweet because for almost three years I have entered the Literary Arts in both Prose and Poetry. I have excelled in Prose with Silvers, Bronze and Incentive Award but never made the cut for my poetry. 

I was told at one stage that my writing was a bit clinical and that maybe I was putting too much of my science into the language I was using. My rebut to that was that I write how I feel. I am not a trained writer or poet. My learning is from experience, exposure and association with my peers. My literary journey is not of the orthodox kind and I think this lends to my creativity.

Don't get me wrong, I will never ever belittle the value of the formal academic education and instruction for the written word but I do feel that there is still a little space for the unorthodox, the radical and the revolutionary (I was actually called that once, not sure if it was a compliment at the time..lol).

So, today I am feeling happy (even tho this headache is killing me) and I will use this elation to push me forward and to continue to do what I love. 

I will post the two pieces for your enjoyment (hopefully).

Thank you Judges at NCF/NIFCA and thank you even more to my family who has always supported me, my writing buddies (Simon, Robert, Re-Shana), my friends - both near, not so near, and very far (143 Forever) and of course my readers and followers. You keep me going!!!!

Thanks again
(I will be having that glass of sweet red tomorrow ;) )

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


You ask me what I wish for
What I need
Your attention
Your comfort

Is that too much to wish for

I need my worth to be recognized
And revered

Is that too much to ask for

For too long
I have been the one to give
I have been the one taken
From my path
From the happiness
Seen in the eyes of my children

I am not my physical appearance
I am not my smile
I am not my eyes
I am the energy

Inside of me

That part of me for which you have little time
Or interest 

But you wish to explore
The outside
Enter the tight spaces
Feast in the ambrosia
Seducing me
Knowing that I crave intimacy

But that is not what I want
That is not what I need

My soul cries
Cries for understanding

You don't know me
You don't have the right
To question me
To make me read between the lines

You put me on the sidelines
To watch the game being played
To be the substitute
The understudy
Whose name is not on the Playbill 

But in everything there is a beginning
And in everything there is an end

The cries of my soul will be heard
Distance will no longer be
The hemispheres will be whole once more
As the world folds on itself

And I

And I will become the woman
I know I am
For I would have found
The man who knows me

Cher Corbin 2014


ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS: Virtual or Reality, Truth or Lies - Is it for you? #VIRTUALIS

During the time I have been away from this blog, quite a lot has happened in my life. I (as most of you would know and the rest of you will most likely find out soon enough) am driven to act or write by my emotions and what happens in my interactions with people, places and things...animals included lol......

Having said that, the topic of online relationships, and whether they can work, whether you are living in a fantasy world, or being scammed...whether those deeply routed stirrings in the pit of your gut when he says (types) certain words is real or not....truth be told, no one can tell you how you are to react or what rules you are to follow. It is all dependent on two key factors that each party has to buy into before you even start...these are, honesty and transparency. If these two very often elusive parameters are in play at the beginning of the interaction, then there is that chance in hell that it may work...or at least provide some bliss and satisfaction for a  period of time.

To date I have known two couples who have embraced the online connection and I was honoured to stand as witness to one couple's civil wedding ceremony and the other happy duo has plans for the very near future.

Personal experience (yes I do tend to approach things logically...even after the hurtful facts are on the table) has shown that the bliss that is felt during the "relationship" is beyond any that seems of the real world.

The anticipation, the waiting, the talking (typing) for hours on end, the imagery - words translated to mental images to heartfelt emotions..unimaginable to some...but I can attest to you..it is very very real. Until the level of honesty that was thought to be on the table is totally smashed and covered by the black veil of dis-honesty and selfishness. What is also evident to me is that this also happens in face to face relationships but the beauty I find with the online platform is that because you do not have the physical distractions, the materialistic influences, the societal compasses by which to gauge your progress, things move very quickly and in most instances very clearly. Once in your own mind you know what you want and what you will and will not tolerate, the poker face does not stay for too long - the cards are played, the hands exposed and you then make a decision whether you are going to get up from that table or wait to be dealt another hand.

So confession time, over the past year I have sat at that table three times....yes, I know, sucker for punishment....but three times I am not sure was the charm - call me a hopeless romantic, or just right outright crazy.

One may ask, why you bothering to even talk to anyone on line when you can go out and meet people? There are plenty answers and reasons I can proffer, then again I can justify almost anything, lol but suffice to say if I had to do it all over again, I would do it all over again..maybe with a few tweeks. The outcomes may have been different, but hey..that is the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result....So by the time I reached interaction #3 I decided I needed some form of closure and so I wrote VIRTUALIS: A New Age Love Story. 

VIRTUALIS - fact or fiction? Well I am not telling, but  I embarked on writing this novella to also give my readers some insight into this genre of relationship and I will leave it up to you to decide whether you can come to grips with this new phenomenon that is now part of our lives and evidently may outlive some of us.

Virtualis will soon be available as an e-book on multiple platforms but for now if you wish to get a hardcopy you can contact me at cher.insight@gmail.com or you can send a message to the Facebook page

Come join Rosalie and DeCarlo and see what happens. I know you are curious.

Monday, October 13, 2014

#IamBack I AM BACK

My dearest friends

I have been away for what seems like ever...and for that I give my sincerest apologies. So much has happened since the beginning of this year and it has brought new insight into my life.  Quite a bit of it has been painful but suffice to say, I am not one for making mistakes but making memories and to learn from them.

But what is clear is that the goals one sets for oneself are very difficult to reach especially if you are unwilling to compromise. At this time of my life I am on borrowed time...well we all are for the most part...but scientifically certain elements of my existence start having  a very aggressive battle with gravity and erosion. My eldest son however put things in perspective for me and I captured this in the MUSING below :

This is a Life Lesson of which I am most grateful. I also know that I will continue to cherish those things and actions in my life that before would not have garnished much significance....but now...significance is relative....as my perspective changes and my heart listens to my soul and my mind becomes less noisy....I strive to be more in tune with my sacred space.

All of this may be considered the ramblings of a woman who is searching...but I am sure I am not alone in this quest.

I will strive to post more often to the blog and I again thank those of you who did come back to see if I was still here.  I am back and hopefully will be around for a while.

Blessings to you all