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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS: Virtual or Reality, Truth or Lies - Is it for you? #VIRTUALIS

During the time I have been away from this blog, quite a lot has happened in my life. I (as most of you would know and the rest of you will most likely find out soon enough) am driven to act or write by my emotions and what happens in my interactions with people, places and things...animals included lol......

Having said that, the topic of online relationships, and whether they can work, whether you are living in a fantasy world, or being scammed...whether those deeply routed stirrings in the pit of your gut when he says (types) certain words is real or not....truth be told, no one can tell you how you are to react or what rules you are to follow. It is all dependent on two key factors that each party has to buy into before you even start...these are, honesty and transparency. If these two very often elusive parameters are in play at the beginning of the interaction, then there is that chance in hell that it may work...or at least provide some bliss and satisfaction for a  period of time.

To date I have known two couples who have embraced the online connection and I was honoured to stand as witness to one couple's civil wedding ceremony and the other happy duo has plans for the very near future.

Personal experience (yes I do tend to approach things logically...even after the hurtful facts are on the table) has shown that the bliss that is felt during the "relationship" is beyond any that seems of the real world.

The anticipation, the waiting, the talking (typing) for hours on end, the imagery - words translated to mental images to heartfelt emotions..unimaginable to some...but I can attest to you..it is very very real. Until the level of honesty that was thought to be on the table is totally smashed and covered by the black veil of dis-honesty and selfishness. What is also evident to me is that this also happens in face to face relationships but the beauty I find with the online platform is that because you do not have the physical distractions, the materialistic influences, the societal compasses by which to gauge your progress, things move very quickly and in most instances very clearly. Once in your own mind you know what you want and what you will and will not tolerate, the poker face does not stay for too long - the cards are played, the hands exposed and you then make a decision whether you are going to get up from that table or wait to be dealt another hand.

So confession time, over the past year I have sat at that table three times....yes, I know, sucker for punishment....but three times I am not sure was the charm - call me a hopeless romantic, or just right outright crazy.

One may ask, why you bothering to even talk to anyone on line when you can go out and meet people? There are plenty answers and reasons I can proffer, then again I can justify almost anything, lol but suffice to say if I had to do it all over again, I would do it all over again..maybe with a few tweeks. The outcomes may have been different, but hey..that is the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result....So by the time I reached interaction #3 I decided I needed some form of closure and so I wrote VIRTUALIS: A New Age Love Story. 

VIRTUALIS - fact or fiction? Well I am not telling, but  I embarked on writing this novella to also give my readers some insight into this genre of relationship and I will leave it up to you to decide whether you can come to grips with this new phenomenon that is now part of our lives and evidently may outlive some of us.

Virtualis will soon be available as an e-book on multiple platforms but for now if you wish to get a hardcopy you can contact me at cher.insight@gmail.com or you can send a message to the Facebook page

Come join Rosalie and DeCarlo and see what happens. I know you are curious.

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