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Sunday, October 26, 2014


Why do I write poetry? This question has not only been asked of me, but I also asked it of myself.

Poetry for me is a vessel, a portal by which I can express my emotions, my deepest feelings; going to a place within my psyche that few have ever reached - poetry makes me vulnerable. There is a freedom and a release of burden when one is vulnerable.

I imagine it may be similar to free-falling, or maybe not but when I write there are no rules to be followed, I have no boundaries and my mind goes wherever it chooses.

I am selfish. I write for me. I am lucky that there is an audience that wishes to read what I have written, but I am proud to say that I am selfish and will continue to be.

When I write my poetry the only thing I wish for is for anyone who reads it to get a glimpse of who I am inside, not who society says I am supposed to be.

When I write my poetry there are two foundation elements that must remain consistent... these are TRUTH and BEAUTY.

I read recently that a poet should always ensure that his works are extending from a place of truth. Not necessarily evidence based truth....although this may seem contradictory here, but just listen....If you have a desire, a wish it may not have come to fruition as yet, it may not be tangible as yet, there is no physical evidence to it, but, it is based in your true belief, your true wishes, your heartfelt desires.

My work is very emotionally driven as T.S. Eliot said "What every poet starts from is his own emotions."

To some this precipitates a roller-coaster ride of sorts. I have been accused of being demanding, crazy, bi-polar (although I blame that on my fish swimming in opposite directions - Pisces) and an incurable romantic. Well to be honest, I take pride in all of those labels because they define my uniqueness and my personality.

As I have said on numerous occasions.......

Why do I write poetry? I write because I have a voice, I write because I wish to express the beauty that I see all around me and the joy I treasure in my connection to the Universe and the spiritual energy within me. I write because I can.

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