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Thursday, October 23, 2014


So today I received the call from our National Cultural Foundation  that I had received two (2) BRONZE AWARDS for my poetry : Forever I Won't  & Re-Evolution at our annual NIFCA competition in Literary Arts.

This win is bittersweet because for almost three years I have entered the Literary Arts in both Prose and Poetry. I have excelled in Prose with Silvers, Bronze and Incentive Award but never made the cut for my poetry. 

I was told at one stage that my writing was a bit clinical and that maybe I was putting too much of my science into the language I was using. My rebut to that was that I write how I feel. I am not a trained writer or poet. My learning is from experience, exposure and association with my peers. My literary journey is not of the orthodox kind and I think this lends to my creativity.

Don't get me wrong, I will never ever belittle the value of the formal academic education and instruction for the written word but I do feel that there is still a little space for the unorthodox, the radical and the revolutionary (I was actually called that once, not sure if it was a compliment at the time..lol).

So, today I am feeling happy (even tho this headache is killing me) and I will use this elation to push me forward and to continue to do what I love. 

I will post the two pieces for your enjoyment (hopefully).

Thank you Judges at NCF/NIFCA and thank you even more to my family who has always supported me, my writing buddies (Simon, Robert, Re-Shana), my friends - both near, not so near, and very far (143 Forever) and of course my readers and followers. You keep me going!!!!

Thanks again
(I will be having that glass of sweet red tomorrow ;) )

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