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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Letting Go #LettingGo

Is there anything,
anything I can do,
to take this feeling of hurt

This ache,
this physical pain
that creeps under my skin;
tears at my flesh
incapacitates my mind,
my heart.

Is there anything,
anything I can do
to take this feeling
of disappointment away?

This confusion
that disassembles my logic,
shatters my plans
and marks me down.

I need to shake this,
to reach
inside of me:
my spirit is not asleep
I will awaken.
I will rise
above this struggle.

My eyes are washed
in the tears
of years of expression,
memories of decisions,
harsh words and actions
all for the good,
for the protection
of the spawn of myself.

I have to let go.

I leave it in Your hands.

The wings of the White Fairy
will protect,
the ample breast of Our Mother
will soothe
and you my child will grow,
will thrive
because I know
you will become
the person I know you are.

Cher Corbin © 2014

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