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Thursday, October 30, 2014

#VIRTUALIS A Modern Day Love Story

Cher Corbin

A modern day love story that surely challenges the perception of adult relationships – two people from completely different walks of life connect.

A single mother, Rosalie was recently laid-off from her job and needed to find some source of income. Her first love, writing, quickly became a focal point for her and on the advice of her thirteen year old daughter she joined the Artista Network and entered the Poets’ Rendezvous.
With much hesitation, she posted a poem and waited. What she found in her inbox was totally unexpected.

A professor of Black American Literature had recently lost his only son in a tragic biking accident. He buried himself in his work and his research for his new book. He had been advised, by his students no less, to troll the social media, especially Artista Network and get a feel for the many poetry groups and their activities. He signed into the first poetry group he came upon – The Poets’ Rendezvous, what he found there would prove to send him off kilter for quite some time.

Virtuālis is a journey of two souls, a cry for solace and love; a conversation of the heart which is freely expressed and interestingly painted with the poetic words of two artists.

“And what would the world say when they see it?”
“What could they say but – Romeo and Juliet.”
“But you do know that they both died in the end?”

©Cher Corbin 2014  


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