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Monday, October 27, 2014



I remember
you and I
in that tight space
you opening to me
sharing your innermost

I remember
touching you
the rush of your breath
on my cheek
as you exhaled
the tightening of your fingers
on my shoulders
as you inhaled

I remember
your passion
your urgency
to remove
the woven boundaries
between us

I remember
the scent
of you
the feel of your chest
under my hand
the quickening beats

I remember
you holding me
your lips on mine
me falling deep
into you

I remember
how protected
you made me feel
how precious
like the most delicate
string of the rarest pearls

In the darkness
of this room
I lay alone
I reach for you
but all that is there
is a memory

I remember

Cher Corbin 2014

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