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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


You ask me what I wish for
What I need
Your attention
Your comfort

Is that too much to wish for

I need my worth to be recognized
And revered

Is that too much to ask for

For too long
I have been the one to give
I have been the one taken
From my path
From the happiness
Seen in the eyes of my children

I am not my physical appearance
I am not my smile
I am not my eyes
I am the energy

Inside of me

That part of me for which you have little time
Or interest 

But you wish to explore
The outside
Enter the tight spaces
Feast in the ambrosia
Seducing me
Knowing that I crave intimacy

But that is not what I want
That is not what I need

My soul cries
Cries for understanding

You don't know me
You don't have the right
To question me
To make me read between the lines

You put me on the sidelines
To watch the game being played
To be the substitute
The understudy
Whose name is not on the Playbill 

But in everything there is a beginning
And in everything there is an end

The cries of my soul will be heard
Distance will no longer be
The hemispheres will be whole once more
As the world folds on itself

And I

And I will become the woman
I know I am
For I would have found
The man who knows me

Cher Corbin 2014

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