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Sunday, April 8, 2012



For the Christian folks among us this four day weekend culminates a major point of significance for those who follow the path of Jesus.

I have friends of many faiths and beliefs.

I therefore would like to encourage all of you to take this four day time period and use it as a point of reflection during this year. The story is based on the path of a person who kept strong to their principles, belief and faith in their Father. They were subjected to persecution, scorn and finally crucifixion, of which, they Rose and triumphed.

Let us use this as an example for our life's path. Whether you be Hindu, Muslim, JW or Rastafari, take a moment and reflect on our interactions and the results of our actions to our fellow man. Let us shed the material burdens and facades and be true to ourselves, and only then can we be true to others and contribute to the beauty that is around us; that which has been given to us to protect.

I for one am forever grateful for whatever is thrown my way, for I know it is a lesson to be learnt. However it is dressed, wrapped or presented, a life lesson lies within.

So my friends, enjoy your days. Take the time to breathe and be at peace with yourself and the universe.

Take the time to RISE AND BE!



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