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Sunday, April 1, 2012


My dearest friends

I have been away from my blog for some time.  I do apologize for this and I will make an effort to be here at least once a week.  More if I can fit it in.

I have been on a journey of decisions.....some I have had to make that are not the popular choices, some would precipitate estrangement from newer associations once referred to as friendships, and some that I am sure will bring new visions and sunrises that will nourish my being and allow me to continue to be of worth to my fellow man (or woman for that matter).

My writing still remains important to me.  It is the portal through which I can express my inner most thoughts and feelings, even under the guise of a fictional character.

I have entered on a path where some persons I truly admire are walking or have already left their toe impressions in the dirt.

I would like to recognize a very special woman who has welcomed me into her space....Nailah Imoja is  a spirited soul. She has extended her arms to me and I blissfully absorb her aura of wisdom and humour.

 Nailah, thank you for your kindness and I am eternally grateful.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

I bid you all Blessings...


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  1. Wow! Cher! Thank you. To be a part of your journey - poetic, creative, life.... the honour and blessing are mine. 1 Love!



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