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Monday, October 13, 2014

#IamBack I AM BACK

My dearest friends

I have been away for what seems like ever...and for that I give my sincerest apologies. So much has happened since the beginning of this year and it has brought new insight into my life.  Quite a bit of it has been painful but suffice to say, I am not one for making mistakes but making memories and to learn from them.

But what is clear is that the goals one sets for oneself are very difficult to reach especially if you are unwilling to compromise. At this time of my life I am on borrowed time...well we all are for the most part...but scientifically certain elements of my existence start having  a very aggressive battle with gravity and erosion. My eldest son however put things in perspective for me and I captured this in the MUSING below :

This is a Life Lesson of which I am most grateful. I also know that I will continue to cherish those things and actions in my life that before would not have garnished much significance....but now...significance is relative....as my perspective changes and my heart listens to my soul and my mind becomes less noisy....I strive to be more in tune with my sacred space.

All of this may be considered the ramblings of a woman who is searching...but I am sure I am not alone in this quest.

I will strive to post more often to the blog and I again thank those of you who did come back to see if I was still here.  I am back and hopefully will be around for a while.

Blessings to you all


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