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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


About two years ago when I started my writing journey and was feeling the euphoria of wining two silvers at NIFCA (this high went even higher when I was told it was not easy to win anything at the Literary ARts) I thought I would share my joy with others around me.

Well as you can imagine the responses ranged from smiles, to hugs, to "really? you did that!!!" to congratulations...but the response I remember most was from a person I least expected it from....

and I quote (or paraphrase).." So you sure you writing, or you just putting words together...cuz we all know you got the gift of the gab"

Ok...now some of you who are on the same page as I am would feel how I felt when I heard that (go on, read it again and see what I mean)

So, this windy Tuesday Morning....I will make a declaration....

I really don't give two (or three) hoots what you may think!!!! I am a writer...I will continue to write....I cannot force you to read it...but I will submit it for your attention...and if you dismiss me...IT IS YOUR LOSS....someone else will embrace me....

(ok I have ranted enough..had to get that off my chest)

Toodles and Hugs to all of you out there (including all you others)


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  1. Love it! If everyone stood to their ideals this world would be a better place! Writing is beautiful! Keep at it!


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