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Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 30th, PLEIN AIR PAINTING at the Barbados Museum with Tutor Omowale Stuart

Ok, well it started at 9am and finished at 1pm...five hours in the hot sun..but worth every 

moment of it.

We chose our spots and set up our easels. Omowale came around and gave each of us 

some perspective as to what he expected, asked which medium we were working with (for 

us it was watercolour) and why we chose the spot that we did. (Both T and I like the 

frontal view of the Museum Shop, mine further back as I liked the path going to the shop, 

his closer in as he liked the building detail.

Omowale has an approach that is FREE....he said we were taught or learnt to be controlled 

in the use of the medium and emphasized that there is no right or wrong way to paint...it 

comes from inside each of us. As far as control was concern, he was fully at the reigns with 

our tuition...as he says .." You in MY yard now.." :)

When we wrapped up, he lined up all the paintings from all the artistes and gave us a 

general review and critique. All in all we did good. The main problem, some of us were 

afraid to put the colour on the board, some of us took too long to get the composition 

together and others were so stuck in their control of the media that he commented...." 

When you do that (pointing to one piece) that is COLOURING....when you do that (pointing 

to another piece) that is EXPRESSION.....

We have to finish the pieces by next week, having taken a snapshot when the time ran 

out....but needless to say it was worth every sun blistering, throat parching, ant stinging 


Thank you NCF, Omowale, Carla and Rodney....T and I look forward to our session next 



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