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Friday, March 22, 2013


Blessings friends

Most of us spend and inordinate amount of time thinking and fretting (yes fretting) about what happened yesterday, last year, two months ago....when we were 6.... This in itself may not be a bad thing (the thinking part that is)...but do we really have the time and luxury to fret on it.

Nah! Me no think so!

All I have to say is this...let us use our experiences from the past to inform us of the choices we can make in the future

We may not be able to change the choices we have made but we can now choose to not let them ruin us.

Be positive, move forward and think on this (not fret *wink)



Blessings to all of you.
We are here on this earth for a purpose.
We must treasure the time we have in view.
A wise man once said "If you only knew
how much time you had left and translated it to months
what would you do?"

Truth be told I didn't know
but my intention was to show
that I was going to consider this information anew.

I calculated mine.
With three score and ten being the time,
I possessed two hundred and fifty two.
With this knowledge what should I do?

I pondered long and hard.
I felt troubled with this precious ward.
Then it came to me.
I was to be.
a Keeper of Faith and Blessings be!
A Mother, a Lover, a Friend in need,
A Counselor, a Mentor, yes all of these.

I have been bestowed a gift.
a precious vessel for life.
To keep safe and treasure until my life's breath is taken
and so, I rejoice in my new awakening.

Be true to yourself
and always be kind.
Never, ever forget
that we are given much, but what we don't control
is TIME.

copyright 2011 C.A.Corbin

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