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Thursday, March 21, 2013

TO CENSOR OR NOT ( on today WORLD POETRY DAY March 21st)

The battles we fight
Many we lose
The cerebellum is the killing field
Left, right, left, right
We plan our attacks
We strategize
Our thoughts, the rank and file

The enemy is on the frontal  hill
Greater in number their infantry still
They block our path with their chemical spill
Are we to let them dictate where we go
Are we to censor and restrain our flow
No, for it is all in the mine…..

Unleash your thoughts
Contemplation rides the wind,
Thermals and breezes of the paths of the mind
Greatness will be found
Empowerment will be the gift
Confidence will be the surprise
Drown your fears in the new birth of our eloquence

Deliver the message to all who would listen
The audience who yearns for nourishment and escape
Carry them there,
Lead them to the fields of variety
Stimulate their minds
In the end they will thank you
In the end they will give kudos
to the uncensored mind
The valiant thoughts bursting through
The meshed web of compartmentalism

Breathe, my friend
Write profusely
Don’t stop

Ahhhh, they want to listen
They are waiting
For this new source of power
The power of the uncensored mind
The power of the verse

It is nothing less than a Super Power
One that we all have
One that we must all use
One that we must all share
Here it is….
Take it!

copyright 2011 C.A.Corbin

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