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Sunday, November 25, 2012


It has been sixteen years since my Mother has died. Her birthday was yesterday. She would have been 71.

There are a lot of memories....I must admit that the majority of them were not of the fairy tale variety, but that is life and we live and we learn.

The roles have now been transferred and I am a Mother. One thing that I have come to term with is that at times we do not make the popular choices and more often than not we are chastised for it. We make decisions based on our knowledge and experience and my mother did the same. I can no longer be annoyed with her and blame her for her choices and her point of view.....she acted based on what she knew, how she was brought up and her loyalties.

I loved my Mother...maybe not in the sense that most people understand.....we never talked about girlie things or boys or the world....in most instances she presented her opinion...pre-conceived as it may seem..and I was expected to listen.  She had a strength about her I did respect, an independence but at times that slipped into arrogance.  They tell me I am like her. I smile.

I miss my Mother....I loved my Mother...I still do and always will.....I have learnt from her and  her memory will be with me, always.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Phyllis Hyacinth Corbin Parris!!!

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