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Saturday, November 16, 2013

MY SOUL CRIES - New Anthology #mysoulcries

Dearest Friends

I have finally accomplished one of my objectives for this year...to produce my anthology and share it with all of you....

It has been almost five years since my paradigm shift and I have traveled many a rocky road, but you know they say exploration is good for the soul.

MY SOUL CRIES is a collection of poems that have been written over a period of time...yes it is a short collection, but I am sure it is one that you can go back to often as it is sectional...it all depends on what your soul cries for.....

The cover art has been created by my partner and soulmate Tracy DeOlivere Greenidge and is an adaptation of his National Silver Award  winning "Mulatto Girl". I chose this piece as the main element for the imagery as it truly represents a longing soul.

I hope you enjoy the works and your comments/reviews would greatly be appreciated.

Share it with as many as you can. It is hoped that the words within may help a longing soul in some small way.





November 17th....Dear Friends

I have been receiving information that the download and viewing from Smashwords is causing difficulty for most of you who possess kindles or using the kindle app.. The thing here is that it would not open directly you have to email it to yourself....now if I was a buyer interested in a new author's work, i would be frustrated...this being said and kindle being the largest e-book reader out there..I am also publishing on Amazon...I will have this sorted by the end of the day (hopefully) and will inform you...thank you all for your patience and support.....Cher

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