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Saturday, November 1, 2014


MY SOUL CRIES was the first major anthology I have written, published and promoted. ( I did write one before called HINDSIGHT...but I am not very happy with that one..will revamp soon).

MY SOUL CRIES is a window into my life over a two year period and captures my emotions in no better form but poetry.

I was blessed to be offered my book launch at Days Book Store in Barbados and it was just before Christmas 2013. It was one of the most exciting times of my life as a writer.  Some people may say, oh but you just self-publishing and all this is is literary masturbation. Well I beg to differ.

I write poetry because I can. I publish my poetry because I can. I write and publish my poetry because I have a voice that I want the world to hear it. When I am gone, my words will remain and I know there will be someone out there that has been touched positively, who I have helped to life their spirits and realize that they are not alone.

It is not only MY SOUL that CRIES, so do others and I wish them to know that their cries are being heard.

You are welcome to follow the link below to get a idea of the poetry in the work and it is available on Amazon or you can email me directly at cher.insight@gmail.com


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