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Saturday, December 14, 2013


I want to sit with you
talk with you
become you
share your passion
your life

I want to share experiences
no ulterior motives
highs and lows
anything goes

just let me

pour a glass of wine
dip my finger
into the red liquid
of your heart
trace your lips
stained with the
hurt and pain
of your life

let me

quench your thirst
for freedom
freedom from the mundane
the haggard
sucking life’s air
blackened spirits

let me

lurking demons
holding you prisoner

let me

free you from the cells
replace the bars
with windows
of my heart

let us

sit and watch
the setting sun
day to night
night to day
nature’s canvas

let us

paint the sky with new colours
reds and yellows
brilliant hues
no blues

let us

hold the brush
at both ends
both hands
our hands
stroking our
colour within the lines
blend outside

let us

become living art

the master becomes the student
the student
trades places
with the master
painting by numbers
oils slide
salty streaks
heats the surface
burn the covers
contracts dissolve
fresh inks applied

let us

create our masterpiece

copyright Cher Corbin 2013

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