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Saturday, January 25, 2014


It is now the early afternoon.. it has been cool and wet all day....the temperature is dropping even further...my head aches..funny enough ..not in totally a bad way...but looking at the computer screen all day may be the cause of that.....

But...it is the bright lights in the day that guide the way and carry you to the end, to your slumber...I have had such spotted on me today... Sophia Haynes.your words are so heartfelt that I am overwhelmed, Avivi Hewitt you are wise, and we both understand the dynamics of life that we find hard to accept, but know it is for a higher purpose and Ro Ararek , a new friend... a new journey....

To all my friends, to those who  I hold close to my heart I am continually guided by your light.
 — feeling blessed.

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