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Friday, October 11, 2013


Dearest Friends

In one of my recent posts here I indicated that " 2013 is a good year for writing"....and so it continues to be...

Last night I was honoured to be chosen as one of the twenty five writers out of sixty considered, for the 

WINNING WORDS Nifca Anthology. I was presented with the works by the CEO of NCF and was 

surrounded by my fellow writers....we basked in the joy of this achievement and we were all smiles 

and quite giggly...this may have been captured by the CBC camera man...so I blushing right now....we 

then huddled and signed each other's copies...that was so cool...group pic by NCF and then we mingled 

and patted each other on the back...three of us read from our works...Icil Philips, Shakirah Bourne and 

Deanne Kennedy. 

The story I wrote was called "THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CUSS-OUT".

This anthology is not just a copy edit of winners of our National Independence Festival of Creative Arts Literary Arts success, but  a carefully chosen selection of pieces that fit snuggly into the categories of Barbadian "Bygones", "Prophetics", and "Happenings".

ArtsEtc. the editors and sponsors of the publication, thru Robert Sandiford and Linda Deane perused the submissions and created this interesting journey for readers of Caribbean literature.

I, who may be called an emerging writer, am thrilled to be between the covers of this book with the likes of Shakirah Bourne, Lawrence Bannister, Tamm Bannister (no relation to Dr. B..LOL), Simon Dolcy, Robert Gibson, Icil Philips, Mark Ramsey and many,many others.

The publication is available from the National Cultural Foundation in Barbados for BDS$25.

Thank you Arts Etc, Goddards group of companies and the NCF for the sponsorship to 

produce the anthology and also to provide me with my first actual book-print literary arts publication 

that I am sure many people will read and no doubt enjoy.

"The sky is but a stop-over to my journey to the stars"

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